Changes You Can Make to Your Website Now

Written by Shelby Hudson

June 16, 2020

When guests or prospects drop by your insurance agency, you want to make an excellent first impression, right? The same should be right for your website!

You only have a short amount of time to grab visitors’ attention; and users will read less than half of the text on a page. If your website is cluttered and doesn’t have a clear message or call to action, folks won’t be sticking around.

Here are 15 ways to improve your website to make your guests want to revisit.

Add a Value Proposition

Sometimes known as a “mission statement,” this tells the visitor what you do and why you do it.

Put it in the headline of your homepage, if possible. Add it to about page. Let the visitors know what they will be getting if they buy your product.


Navigation on your website serves two purposes; it helps the user find what they’re looking for And it helps your organic SEO (search engine optimization.)

Visitors come first, search engines second. Be human and use descriptive words instead of the generic text. Use words that your target clients would use and words that your prospects are seeking. It’s fewer clicks and helps your relevance.

Don’t use internal insurance lingo. Some agencies try to be smart instead of being empathetic to their visitors. 

Empathy is an essential marketing skill.

Call to Action Text

The call to action is tremendously important. You’ve got your interested prospects on the site; what do you want them to do?

Buttons are for actions, like “Get a quote.” The text should always start with a verb. 

Call to Action Colors

Find an accent or contrasting color for your call to action buttons. For example, if your site is predominately yellow, find a beautiful blue that accents your color palette, while also standing out.

This will give your users a better idea of what they can click on; they’ll be more likely to take the risk.

Try The 10-Foot Test.

Take ten steps back from your computer. Can you tell me what your agency does at a glance? Have someone else try it. Can they?

If not, tighten up your messaging. Be more specific rather than smart.

Social Proof

Use social proof to entice people to buy your products. Have current clients provide a quote or testimonial that you can post online.

If you have great clients that say great things about you, that’s amazing, and it should be seen—Tuck these testimonials on the product pages and throughout the site.

Find ways to bring the right things folks are saying about you to the forefront. 


Having a mobile-friendly site is a must-have. Mobile-friendly web pages rank higher in mobile search results.

If you have a site that has tiny links and is hard to navigate, people will not want to stay. Pinching and zooming are not very pleasant.

Internal Linking

Never let your visitors hit a dead-end; always keep them moving. On your product pages, add a link to your contact form.

On the home page, you should link to product pages. Include the name of the service page in the link, so the user knows what to expect.

Forget The Fold

Scrolling is the most common action users take on the internet. More attention is paid to things above the fold because, but people still scroll.

Put the most important messaging at the top and give your users a reason to scroll if needed.

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