Why Digital Marketing is more Important than Ever

Written by Shelby Hudson

May 20, 2020

There are two major components to any insurance agency. The first is insurance products you sell; the second is the customers you serve!

Take this fundamental question: How do you want to reach your customers? How will people know what insurance products you sell and why they need that coverage? The answer is simple: Use digital marketing to bridge this gap.

Why Digital Marketing?

The advertising industry alone is its own world. Marketing costs need to be optimized in such a way that maximum value is reached at minimal budgets.

Agreed again, you can’t do everything. Insurance agents are on a tight budget, and trying to find an effective way of marketing that is low cost with a high return on investment is often difficult. Mailers seem to be effective, but the mail drop certainly isn’t cheap.

Digital marketing is the safest way to optimize marketing and get a high ROI. There’s no better way to receive excellent results with low costs. That’s the essentials, next comes the opportunity.

The most significant transformations in human history were born out of necessity.

The ongoing pandemic has taught everyone a precious lesson —

Digital marketing is the only way that’s resilient and unharmed from natural disasters.

  • According to studies, 94 percent of the FORTUNE 1000 businesses are already facing disruption due to COVID-19, and business resilience is the way to go.
  • Visits to websites and apps increased by 61% in 2020
  • According to a blog published on LinkedIn by the famed internationally renowned author Bernard Marr, those who would be able to use technology and fast track transformation would be ahead of the competition

Digital marketing is often the primary step to digital transformation because it touches your clients and meets them wherever they are. This can include sending email marketing, social media marketing (not necessarily paid ads), optimizing your website for SEO, and much more!

Which digital marketing segments should you or your insurance agency invest in?

1: Build a Deeply Impacting Digital Insurance-Related Asset

The first step to consolidate your digital marketing is to have a fabulous digital asset that’s eye-popping and interesting for your target market – whether it’s Medicare beneficiaries, underage families looking for ACA coverage, or an opportunity to market to your current book of business

You may feel that having pages on social media would suffice; it does not. A reliable landing page and a well-designed website establish an authority both for the people and the codes that run Google’s search engine!

Two instances to help clear this up.

Suppose you receive an offer mail from agencyname@gmail.com and another from hello@agencyname.com. Which would you trust more? The one with a personalized domain, right? Same for your market. The more trustworthy you can show yourself and your insurance agency to be, the more leads you will generate!

A complete web asset can be the center of all your digital activities that would shoot up your insurance agency’s brand web rankings and lead to more organic site visits.

The more people notice your insurance agency online, the more likely they are to visit your website, follow you on social media, stop by your agency in-person, and remember you!

People are spending 1–2 hours more online right now. This is prime time to build and popularize an asset so that it can get enough traction.

2: Build New Customer Touch-Points

We know your physical agencies have been closed, and you are wary of losing customers.

Data prices are an all-time low! Digitize your customer interactions, and build new customer touch-points.

Think about it; how about installing a simple messenger chatbot that guides the customer to an intended page on the website? Or, a WhatsApp number integrated on your lead ads! Make it so that with one click, they can contact that number and directly talk with you — their trusted insurance agent.

3: Build a Digital Presence without Paying

This is again where many businesses and insurance agencies fall short.

Running a lead ad isn’t the only way to gain businesses online. There is a whole organic universe that doesn’t need any extra payments – only smart strategies. This is wonderful for your insurance agency’s post-COVID-19 digital marketing plan.

An insurance agency ages well when its website ranks and holds its ground at the top pages of Google. After that, traffic constantly flows to your website, and you’re bound to get qualified leads of people interested in learning more about the insurance products you offer!

Optimize your website using top searched keywords; research some of the top-visited domains that publish content relevant to products and your target market. Put content on PR sites, and generate backlinks. There are various ways to gather useful traffic from the web and funnel them back to your website.

Start today because many other insurance agencies are sitting idle. By the time the COVID-19 phase stabilizes, boost the activities, and gain rankings!

4: 3rd Party Listings

Many websites list insurance agents and agencies. And yes, they have fat-rich traffic!

There are many free sites where your agency and offerings could be listed. Optimize using keywords, maintain the channels, and reply promptly.

Since you are looking to build more customer touch-points, reach them from different channels, and consolidate your digital presence at low costs, this would is an exceptional idea.

This is a tough time for many, and that’s precisely why you need to transform your marketing activities to stay future-proof online!

Here are ten tips for specialized digital marketing after COVID-19 phase:

  • Build assets- landing pages, websites, applications
  • Create new customer touch-points- web chatbots
  • Better online connectivity — Whatsapp integration, messenger bots
  • Online business model — digital services
  • Use video platforms like Zoom to reach better to the audience, live sessions for constant engagement
  • Provide tips and lessons on how to cope post-COVID-19, how to return to normal
  • Organic leads — Polish up your existing channels, reply to reviews, do Online Rating Management
  • Increase presence on all channels, push content on popular sites
  • List your insurance agency on 3rd party sites

For more strategy and other tips on marketing your insurance agency, contact Agent Pipeline at 800-962-4693 today. You can also visit our Marketing & Innovation Resource Center and download helpful tools to get you started on the road to digital marketing success.

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