Questions to Ask about your Agency’s Brand

Written by Shelby Hudson

May 29, 2020

Questions to Ask about Your Agency’s Brand

A strong brand identity will differentiate your agency from your competitors and give your agency the edge it needs to be more successful.  Brand identity is key for your insurance agency to transform your prospects into loyal clients. 


Marketing is about improving your odds of success — and branding your insurance agency is a great way to do that. In today’s high tech world, having an effective brand identity that reflects things your target market values can be a huge factor in success for your insurance agency. This article will help you to ask yourself the right questions to create that identity.

Strong branding can help your insurance agency:

  • Create client loyalty
  • Focus your marketing efforts based on your brand
  • Attract future top producing insurance agents
  • Increase qualified leads from your target market

The real question is, “How do you build a strong brand for your insurance agency ?” Building a strong brand for your insurance agency is about having a clear understanding of what your insurance agency’s brand stands for, and then making sure everyone else understands it too. It is as simple — and as complicated — as that.

If you’re serious about creating a strong brand for your insurance agency, don’t rush it to create a social media page and start advertising your insurance agency in the local newspaper.

 Marketing strategies come after you have created a strong brand identity for your insurance agency. The building or reenergizing of your insurance agency’s brand starts by answering some questions:

1. Who is my target market?

Consider the products you sell. Who are the primary beneficiaries of those types of products? What are the demographics of your desired clients? Are they baby boomers? Are the households and families of 4 or more? Are they on a budget and limited income? Can you find them at the baseball field on weeknights? What are their overarching interests or commonalities?

2. How can I attract them?

What places do people in the target market frequent? Are they in the community centers? At the gym? Maybe they’re volunteering at the local animal shelter? What interests do they share? Are they coaching little league? Once you’re able to identify these characteristics, you may ask yourself, “How can I advertise in a way that I can ensure they see are the ones seeing it? What is the best way to reach them (direct mail, digitally, etc.)”

3. Who are my competitors?

Knowing about the other insurance agents and insurance agencies in your market is very important. Whether you conduct business county-wide, in multiple surrounding counties, or statewide – there is plenty of competition. Who are the local insurance agencies that sell similar products? What does their branding look like? What are their primary means of marketing? How can I set my brand apart from theirs? Do they have a mission statement? Are they an influencer when it comes to insurance products?

4. What is my competitors’ brand position?

What do they claim to offer?  Are they supporting youth sports? Are they are charitable events? Are they sponsoring animals at the shelter? How involved are your competitors in the communities you serve?

5. What problem does my insurance agency solve? Does anybody care?

6. When people think about my insurance agency or the products I sell, what are the feelings and associations I want them to have? Do I want them to think about security and peace of mind?

7. What are the functional benefits that my insurance agency can deliver to our customers?

What are the benefits of the products that we offer? When it comes to benefits – dive deeper than value based on price. For example, what are the emotional benefits that only my insurance agency can deliver to customers? How can our products help our clients feel more secure and safe in terms of coverage?

8. What kind of personality will my insurance agency’s brand have?

What emotions do you want the visual aspects of your brand to evoke when it is seen? (Color theory, shapes, imagery)


Asking these questions can help you to implement a brand identity that will work effectively for your insurance agency. Take note of your answers and implement strategies that reflect what you find. When it comes to logos or marketing materials, Agent Pipeline can help guide you in the right direction. 

For more help building your agency’s brand, contact Agent Pipeline at 800.962.4693


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