Focus your Resources on your Ideal Client

Written by Shelby Hudson

May 18, 2020

Focus your Resources on your Ideal Client

Your insurance agency should be running on systems and processes that work for you, and most importantly, your system attracts the right prospects, ultimately making them, clients. Too many insurance agents are trying to attract and acquire anyone that will speak with them. They don’t have a system in place; they aren’t focusing on who their ideal prospect or target audience. They take the “buckshot” approach; shoot enough pellets, and you’ll eventually hit something. Big mistake.

This leaves them chasing many new ideas with results that can be very frustrating.

A laser-eyed approach is much more efficient, especially in the current environment. Focusing your three significant resources (time, money, and energy) on targeting and recruiting your ideal prospect can lead to accelerated growth.

 Using 2-3 methods that target that specific market of beneficiaries can give your insurance agency all the leads it could need.

It may seem that the ideal client for an insurance agent is the one that brings them the most income. Take into consideration how much you enjoy working with particular clients and if they are providing quality referrals. There is also “lifetime value,” and some weigh the cost of maintaining a client vs. the income the client generates.

Then there is the niche factor: What is the specific demographic I am trying to target? Do I want to focus on a particular product, such as Medicare Supplements or ACA Marketplace plans?

Once you figure out who this ideal prospect is, your best bet is to allocate your resources entirely to attracting and contracting them to get the best results. 

This focus doesn’t mean you’ll discourage people who don’t fit this profile from working with you or turn them away. Specializing in your products or your target market makes you more appealing to your ideal prospects and those not in that market. People love when specialists “make an exception” for them.

If you are not focusing all of your resources for client acquisition on a very clearly defined ideal client, make it a priority to start.

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