Prepare Your Insurance Agency for Customer Experience Optimization

Written by Jessica Adkins

March 25, 2019

Prepare Your Agency for Customer Experience Optimization

While your insurance agency’s leadership may be in agreement that investing in your customer’s experience is essential, they may not always understand the implications of optimization efforts. After all, unlike other more siloed efforts (e.g., marketing efforts or IT enhancements), customer experience touches nearly everyone in your insurance agency.

Organizations in every industry are creating strategies and putting in place measurement platforms and plans for their customer experience programs. To ensure that you get maximum buy-in, follow-through and understanding of what a successful, holistic customer experience looks like, consider involving all stakeholders within your insurance agency.

What are all of your customer touch points?

This will likely be the most time-consuming project. While you may find it easy to identify some of the most frequently used customer touch points from your insurance agency, conducting a full audit of every one of them can be an eye-opening experience.

There are customer touch points you may not initially consider. It’s apparent that you touch your customers through outbound and inbound phone calls, in-person meetings, birthday cards, etc., and those are considered “offline touchpoints.” However, what about your website, social media pages, and email marketing? Your “online touchpoints” are just as critical to audit. Once you begin reviewing all of the individuals in your insurance agency, how, when, and where they communicate with customers, you’ll start to see there is a rather list of touch points across many mediums.

As you work through this audit of customer touchpoints, be realistic about which ones you can optimize.

Sharing Insights

Sometimes the visibility of your efforts on customer experience optimization can make all the difference in its success. For instance, even if you have primarily digital methods to reach customers, do you have a way to report the successes and touch points to other members of the team?

Showing them the insights on reach, engagement, and opportunity to convert and service customers are beneficial in rolling out your customer experience optimization plan. This will help in leading the effort to improve your insurance agency’s approach to customer experience.

Reviewing insights also helps you identify the functional, accessible, and enjoyable customer experiences with your insurance agency. What is their preferred method of communication? What are their expectations for this method of communication?

Better understanding your customer is the key to the optimization of their experience. After all, extraordinary experiences are built from the outside in but implemented from the inside out. It’s like building a car! You can put a flashy paint job on the outside, but it’s the engine inside that makes the most significant difference. Building your customer experience begins from the inside.

Let’s get started

Learn more about the next steps you need to take to begin your journey of customer experience optimization. We can help you identify touchpoints, auditing your touchpoints, and develop a strategy based on insights and engagement with your customers!

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