How to Recruit High Producing Agents through Social Media

Written by Gracie Kimble

March 25, 2019

How to Recruit High Producing Agents through Social Media

Social media is a powerful resource in today’s digital marketing age. Just about anyone you meet is likely to be active on some type of social media platform. Popular platforms include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Hiring top talent at your insurance agency is the most essential thing when it comes to running a successful agency.

Over the next few years, individuals will be aging into and out of the workforce. Many of the oldest Millennials already have jobs and are beginning to settle down and create families, while most younger Millennials have graduated college and are on the search for great careers. Another generation that will be aging into the workforce is Generation Z. Many of the older individuals of Generation Z are still in college and most likely looking for internships or jobs to have while they are in school. What do these two generations have in common? They both love social media. So, here is your agency’s chance to get the ball rolling and start advertising insurance professional jobs on social media.

It may seem like an easy job, but recruiting quality employees through social media can be arduous at times. Many people use Facebook for keeping up with family and friends, so when they see an advertisement for a job, they sometimes find it annoying. The two ways agencies can recruit top talent through Facebook is by using paid or organic search. Let’s go over the details of the two.

Organic Search

Organic search is done by using Search Engine Optimization, Keywords, and keeping your posts directed towards a target market. Organic search can have more long-term positive effects on your insurance agency’s social media pages and help you to be able to potential employees without seeming burdensome or annoying. Earning the rankings you get by optimizing your organic search can boost the general view of your insurance agency from the public. If you already have a Facebook page specific to your insurance agency, it may be a good idea to create a page particularly for recruiting. This can help to avoid confusion between potential clients and potential employees. When posting on your recruitment page, you should focus on the environment, needs, and current staff quality at your insurance agency. Make sure to provide all of the necessary contact information so that it is a simple and no-hassle process for potential hires to contact you. In order to boost your organic search rankings, it is essential to stay active on your recruiting and all other agency related pages. Below are a few ideas on how to interest potential employees through your Facebook page:

Post about your employees and workplace: Most people want to know what kind of environment they will be working and what their future coworkers could be like. Stay engaged on your recruitment Facebook page by posting what goes on around the office. Highlight your staff, talk about fun things that go on in and around the office, and display the quality morale that your insurance agency has to offer.

Recognize your clients: After all, your clients are what keeps your insurance agency on its feet. Make sure you don’t give out any private information about your clients but showcase all of the good things your staff and products do to help them.

Encourage family, friends, and fans to share your content: ask your friends and family to promote their insurance agency on their own personal Facebook pages. This can be great at spreading the brand and image your insurance agency is trying to promote, and also help boost your reach. Be sure not to force it though; if someone is not into the idea of sharing your page, don’t push it, just simply move on.

These few ideas can be constructive when trying to boost your Search Engine Page Results (SERPS). Keep them in mind as you continue your activity on your insurance agency’s social media pages.

Paid Search

There are tons of ways to use paid advertisements on social media. You can promote your insurance agency with paid ads on Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and plenty of other platforms. When you use paid ads, Instagram and Facebook give you the opportunity to create a budget and select your specific audience. This is amazing for affordability and ensuring that your posts are going towards your target audience. When utilizing paid methods on Facebook, there are two ways that it can be achieved:

Facebook Ads – Facebook ads are advertisements that will be displayed throughout your target audience’s newsfeed. You can select from numerous types of ad styles including carousel, video, slideshow, etc. The same goes for Instagram. The purchased ads will be displayed on your audiences Instagram feeds for, but the only ad styles are images or video.

Post Boosting – On Facebook, you have the option to boost your actual posts, rather than just advertisements. These posts can be anywhere from text posts, images, videos, and many more. By boosting a post, it will be displayed on the newsfeed of your selected audience.

Recruiting top talent through social media can be a fun and strategic process. By engaging with your client and target audience through a combination of paid and organic search, you will begin to see a rise in the interest of your insurance agency. Taking the time and putting in the effort to produce high-quality posts and content is an excellent investment for your insurance agency.

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