3 Things that Will Help Your Insurance Agency’s Content Strategy Excel

Written by Gracie Kimble

January 29, 2019

3 Things that Will Help Your Insurance Agency’s Content Strategy Excel

Does your insurance agency have a content strategy? Attracting new clients is vital when it comes to generating more business, but is your content strategy effective enough to do so? Here are the three main points of buyer stages that your insurance agency’s content strategy should be focusing on.


In order to have an effective content strategy, you have to know your audience. Most likely, your insurance agency’s audience is prospects looking to purchase an insurance plan. The key is to discover a more in-depth definition, for example:

Medicare Advantage -> Dual Special Needs Plans -> Low-Income -> Chronic Illness
ACA Health Insurance -> Metal Tier; Subsidy Eligible -> Family of 4 -> Working Class
Medicare Supplement -> T-65 -> Newly Retired, or Preparing for Retirement

There are a number of ways to prospect those potential clients, but a great way to find potential clients is to attend local events. Research events going in your city and think about which ones your target audience would attend (Tip: You can check out Facebook’s Events Near You feature and find events based on specific categories.)

Attending those events and networking can be really beneficial to growing and recognizing your audience. So, how do you get that audience to discover your agency? Consider your audience’s challenges, questions, and the digital channels they tend to use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Once you get a good grip on what types of channels your audience is using, do some research within those channels. Take a look at what your prospects and customers need. Once you find those needs or wants, you can work towards providing your audience with solutions. Below are a few other aspects to consider when working through developing the discovery phase of your content strategy:

  • Who is our buying audience?
  • How could my insurance agency develop SEO that aligns with my audience’s search behavior?
  • Who do my potential customers listen to and respect in the industry/niche?
  • What types of content do potential customers enjoy?

From here, you can begin to develop a plan and focus on how your audience will consume your content.


Now that you have found the best channels and topics that align with your audience, you can begin focusing on engagement. Even if you are creating beautifully designed and written content, it won’t do any good for your insurance agency if no one is engaging with it. So, what can you do to create engagement?

First of all, you should take a look at what your competitors. Why should your audience choose your insurance agency over your competitors? How can you stand out? What is unique about your insurance agent? Is it the products or services?

Next, make sure your website and content are optimized for mobile use. Today, so many customers and prospects are on-the-go and consistently use their cell phones as a replacement for a computer or other device. You should also be creating subject lines, headlines, and meta descriptions that will compel your customers to click on your content. If you don’t hook your audience within the first few seconds of viewing, they are likely to click off. Next, you need to consider how your insurance agency will interact with your audience. Responding promptly to customer’s questions, reviews, and general engagement will help your insurance agency to build rapport with customers and prospects, while also helping you to stand out against other local insurance agents and agencies. With consumption covered, you can now move on to action.


Now that you’ve taken care of discovery and consumption, you can focus on getting your customers and prospects to take action. Consider your end goals; whether it be achieving the sale or getting the customer to sign up for a newsletter, you have to think of what you can do to get them to actually take action. Let your customers know why you are valuable to them and why they are valuable to you as well. Also, make sure that you are consistent. If you only post content here and there, it is likely your customers and prospects will be unimpressed and less likely to convert. Next, providing incentive is always a great way to get customers to convert. What kind of incentives could you offer?

  • Exclusive downloads like e-books, infographics, articles, guides for enrollment periods, etc.
  • Exclusive offers – which can include any of the above
  • Limited time offers – which can include any of the above

Getting customers to take action is notably the most difficult part of a content strategy, but with a bit of testing and time, your insurance agency is sure to excel.

Once you can check off all three above areas, you have yourself a successful content strategy! There are always more things you can do to tailor this strategy to your specific niche and target audience, but for the sake of simplicity, these three aspects should cover everything.

Creating a content strategy can be time-consuming and hard work, that’s why we’re here to help! For further assistance with creating a concrete content strategy, give us a call at 800-962-4693, and we would be delighted to help you! We specialize in marketing to beneficiaries, ACA prospects, D-SNP eligibles, and much more. Click here to get started with developing your marketing plan today!

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