Simple Ways to Create Diversity in the Work Environment

Written by Gracie Kimble

October 8, 2018

Diversity in the work environment is an extremely important aspect. Many corporations struggle to create an environment full of variety because they aren’t sure how or who to attract.  Creating a diverse office environment is a fairly simple task, but you have to be able to attract multiple types of people. Being open and accepting of potential employees is vital, but it is also essential to make it clear what is expected of them.

First of all, you need to understand diversity. Committing to a specific and useful definition of diversity is essential to fulfilling your workplace’s needs. It is highly recommended to use the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks for reference. It is important to discuss with employees their definitions of diversity so that everyone can give their opinions.

Intersectionality is an essential aspect of creating a more diverse workplace. Intersectionality is being inclusive of all cultures and types of people. It’s important not to oversimplify the demographics of people you would potentially hire. It should be understood that people are complex. For example, let’s say you are having a hypothetical meeting, and there is one woman in the meeting. Just because she is a woman, does not mean she feels the same as all women.

Storytelling is a great way to create meaningful relationships between employees. It is also an excellent way to track the progress of diversity in the workplace. It will also provide a qualitative measurement of diversity in the workplace.

Implementing data usage is a great way to measure diversity on a quantitative scale. Having employees participate in surveys would help to gauge their opinions and feelings on the inclusion of different demographics within the workplace. Also working with the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks would offer good insight.

Lastly, it is essential to communicate with your employees. You need to understand how they feel and if they are comfortable in the environment they currently work. Converse with employees even if you are on a higher level. These types of conversations and relationships help to create employee morale and engagement.

These few simple tips will help to increase diversity in the workplace if that is what you are searching for. Remember, it is important to be inclusive and understanding of cultures from all over the world and not just one specific area.


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