How to Improve Time Management

Written by Gracie Kimble

October 1, 2018

Effective time management is an amazing skill a lot of people have yet to master. Life gets crazy sometimes and putting your time in the right places can become difficult. So, how do we find time to do anything?

Organization is a huge factor of time management. Being organized and having a set schedule will help you to manage your time because you have already set out a time and place for the task that needs to be completed. Some people think that by just writing down the tasks they need to do will help them, which it very well may, but it is most likely better to set a time for the specific task.

Having goals is extremely important. If you don’t have goals and you struggle with time management that could be a reason why you struggle. Without goals, it’s difficult to measure your successes and your failures. Also, failure is not a bad thing. Looking at failure as a learning situation is essential. Also taking note of your successes is an awesome way to remind yourself that you are capable of achieving your goals!

Procrastination: the silent killer of time management. We all know the feeling of procrastination. You may have an upcoming project that requires a lot of attention and time, but you think that you’ll get it done later. Well, later comes around and your project still hasn’t been worked on, so you push it off again. Uh-oh! The deadline is tomorrow! Now you rush to complete the project, and the work isn’t as quality as it could be. That’s a great example of good ol’ procrastination. So, how do we avoid it? The only real way to avoid procrastination is by having clear goals, a set schedule, and prioritizing your time. Remember, taking a break and procrastination are not the same things. Taking a break can be beneficial. It gives you time to clear your head, recharge, and create new ideas/thoughts.

Time management is important, but it takes practice. Being patient and working on the tips listed above will have you being a time management professional in no time!


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