Discipline: The Key to Success

Written by Gracie Kimble

October 16, 2018

Discipline: who has it and what does it do for us?

Discipline is a controlled behavior based on a system of rules of conduct, activity or experience. When a problem comes along and we’re struggling to find a solution; the easy way seems to give up.

Having self-discipline can be very beneficial. Discipline is what can save us from giving up. Life is hard, but problems that arise in life gives us the opportunity to grow, improve our skills, and learn from our past mistakes. Using discipline to solve problems is extremely helpful because if you don’t give up, in the end, it will make your life easier. With discipline come a few things you should be mindful of.


Disciplined people expect frustration in life, and they see it as an opportunity to grow. When these types of people stumble upon a problem, they tend to stay open to the different approaches to problem-solving. Even when they get frustrated, they still stay open and committed to solving the problem and gaining the knowledge necessary to do so.

Hard Work

Disciplined people work hard. They go the extra mile to learn things they see as beneficial for them to achieve a more successful life. This may mean staying a little longer at work or taking on new responsibilities. They want to step out of their comfort zone and test the waters in many different areas so that they can learn from their experiences.

Be Healthy

Healthiness is important for everyone, but disciplined people are more likely to be more conscious of their health. In order to achieve goals and be successful, you have to have a sharp mind. Exercise and proper nutrition are amazing for your overall health and function, but we must remember exercising and eating healthy aren’t all that goes into a healthy body. To function properly, you must have balance within the mind as well. Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to achieving goals.


Being patient and not rushing through things in one of the biggest parts of being successful in the things you do. A lot of the time we try to rush through tasks and end up making mistakes, or our work isn’t as good as it could be. Patience is key to fixing this problem. Remember not to rush, and that quality work is more important than quantity.

To conclude, discipline brings success in all parts of life. Whether it be at work, school, or even your family life, keeping an open mind and not giving up on a problem the first time you fail at solving it will lead to learning more skills and success.


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