4 Types of Sales Approaches that are Effective

Written by Gracie Kimble

October 1, 2018

Using different sales approaches to attract clients is a great tool to implement. People have different personalities, so one approach may work spectacularly with one person, but awfully with another. Having multiple sales approaches will help you to relate to clients in better ways and hopefully sell more of your product! Here are four different approaches you can implement.

  1. The Buddy: By being kind and understanding of your clients will help you to connect with clients on an emotional level. If you find something that you and your client have in common, it will help you to relate to them better while also giving you something to talk about. Being genuine is very important. If you seem fake, it is almost guaranteed that the client will catch on. Make sure that the conversation is centered around the client and their needs. It’s good to relate to them, but don’t make the conversation too much about you.
  2. The Expert: This approach is centered around logic. Problem-solving is a strong-point with this technique, so you must be knowledgeable about your product. Having this knowledge will make you valuable to your client because you can help them find the best coverage. With this approach, you must stay updated on new products or rules and regulations. If you implement this technique with clients, they will be more likely to trust you, which means they will also be quick to refer a friend or family member to you.
  3. The Counselor: This technique combines “The Buddies” technique and “The Experts” technique. You know the product, but you can also connect with the client on an emotional level. This technique is the most valuable technique to have. If you can learn and use this technique, your sales will soar through the roof, and people will be more likely to give you good reviews or refer you to another person.
  4. The Narrator: This type of sales technique is not one of the best. People that use this technique know their product but rely heavily on a script to speak to a client. Relying on a script takes away the emotional level of communication between the agent and the client. Scripts usually sound slightly fake or almost robotic to some people. This technique is mostly used for beginners or people just learning a new product. Once they get comfortable with the product, they begin to implement the other techniques listed above.

Being a good salesman takes practice and time. Knowing your product and the types of clients you market to is extremely important and vital to making sales. Keep in mind to have a genuine and honest approach when working with people.

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