What is your Sales Approach?

What is your sales approach? What kind of insurance agent are you?

Written by Jessica Adkins

June 28, 2018

What is your Sales Approach?

There is no doubt you’ve met with a client and heard about a previous insurance agent who attempted to “bully” them into purchasing a product. Your client or prospect may have also experienced the agent who chose to go through the entire slideshow presentation on the product without ever asking what they “needed.” Let’s face it; there are many types of sales approaches agents can take during appointments with clients.

What is your sales approach?

The Buddy Approach

Are you down to earth, funny, and enjoy taking time to catch up with your clients? By being warm, friendly, and showing interest in your client’s needs, this approach helps you connect with your clients on an emotional level. Find something that you have in common with the client and use this as an icebreaker. Remember to be genuine though; people can tell when you are fake. It’s always important to make sure you are listening to the client, don’t talk too much about yourself. The meeting is about them, not you.

The Expert Approach

Are you the agent who shows up and immediately gets down to business? Do you consider yourself to be less emotional and more logical? If so, you like solving problems and are very knowledgeable about the product they are selling. By knowing this information and listening to what the client’s needs are, you can typically find the best coverage for their client. Taking this approach, you will need to keep with the newest products available and any new rules or regulations. This approach will pay off; clients will trust you and are more likely to refer their friends and family to you.

The Counselor Approach

Do you show up for an appointment and take a few minutes to catch up with your clients about their family vacation? Afterward, do you immediately get down to business and discuss the needs and the products that you recommend to meet their needs? You may be using the counselor approach. If so, you are combining the “the friend” and “the expert” approaches. Successful salespeople know to connect on an emotional level and to be extremely knowledgeable of any new information. If you can master both of these techniques, you can consider yourself an “expert” at the counselor approach.

The Narrator Approach

Are you the agent who shows up prepared with your folder of sales materials and merely go through the slideshow depending on the outline to help you present a product? There is no doubt that you know your marketer and products. However, if you spend a lot much time depending on scripts and marketing materials, you may be using the “narrator” approach. By doing this, you fail to connect with your client and may lose sales because your clients do not feel confident in your ability to listen to their needs. If you feel you may be a “narrator” consider practicing your sales presentations in the mirror and let go of the script. It’s essential that your clients do not feel as if they are attending a class or a lecture, but are actually in a meeting with someone they can trust.

Some prospects prefer the informative meetings where it’s a “business-only” atmosphere, while others crave a friendlier, more informal atmosphere. Many agents have a specific approach to their sales; while others adapt based on the situation. To be the best salesperson, you need to be well balanced. You want to know the product you are selling to make your sales pitch is honest and authentic as possible. It’s important to focus on your clients, their personality, and needs and adjust your presentation style accordingly.

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