Improve Customer Retention with Social Media

Written by Jessica Adkins

June 11, 2018

Improve Your Customer Retention with Social Media

The key to customer retention is building relationships and although social media is great for attracting new customers, it can and should be used to retain your customers. When customers follow you on social media, part of your primary strategy should be building a relationship, trust, and loyalty with your following.

Building a relationship with your followers is an ongoing process and needs care and attention. To build these relationships, you need to create authentic tools that add value for your customers. For example, creating a worksheet to help your customers budget for retirement or a vacation, or a quick resource sheet on caregiver tips. Customers love connecting with brands they like, so always be friendly and relatable.

It’s important to remember that relationships are a two-way street; you should listen and communicate with your customers to build meaningful social media engagement. People come to social media to be social. If you’re not engaging in conversations or taking action, your posts will be lost in endless swipes. Don’t use your social media exclusively for promotions of your products and services, use your social media to give customer service, posting polls, and questions to help improve your business/marketing model.

You can also make your social media page valuable by posting or sharing specific offers, announce company news, and even share resources, information or tips about a new or different way to use their products or service. Sharing this type of content can make social media a helpful support for your customer, making you an account worth following, and continuing to build on relationships.

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