2019 Agent and Broker Compensation Rate Adjustments

Written by Jessica Adkins

June 12, 2018

The Compensation Rate Adjustment for MA and Section 1876 Cost Plans Contract Year 2019 is as follows:

Compensation Type National CT, PA, D.C. CA, NJ Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands
Initial Year $482 $542 $601 $331
Renewal Years $241 $271 $301 $166
 PDP – Initial Year $74
PDP – Renewal Years $37

NOTE: The FMV amounts for CY 2019 are rounded to the nearest dollar. The Initial Year amount is the maximum allowable to be paid for enrollments during compensation cycle-year 1. The renewal amount is the maximum allowable to be paid for enrolments during compensation cycle-years 2 and beyond.

For more information regarding product availability or commissions, please contact your Regional Marketer. You can also read the official release from the Center for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) by clicking here.

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