Market Expansions & More for Aetna

Written by Jessica Adkins

January 25, 2018

Market Expansions for Aetna’s Medicare Supplements!

February 5th Aetna is launching new Medicare Supplements in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, and Wisconsin. This is an excellent opportunity in all states, as the rates appear to be extremely competitive.

Contracted agents can order supplies online at the Aetna Producer World portal on February 5th.

More great news in the Florida Market! Aetna has dramatically increased commissions effective February 5th to go along with their product expansion. You can check out the commission levels online by logging into www.aetnaseniorproducts.com

Additionally, now is a good time to think about Plan G. Plan F goes away for new members in 2020, and Plan G will be taking its place. The market is shifting. Plan N could be the future!

With that being said, Aetna has announced they are also raising commissions on Plan N in many states to help offset the lower premium. Also, as they continue to expand their Medicare Supplement product, their rating slope is changing to make Plan N even more competitive.

If you’re working your book of business and looking for cross-selling opportunities (which you should be), Aetna is also launching a Dental Plan in multiple states (Georgia, West Virginia, Arkansas, Nevada, Louisiana, Alabama, Montana, Wisconsin, Mississippi, South Dakota and Idaho in March. Stay tuned for more information – but as a sneak peek look at what they will be offering:

  • Plan maximum of $1,500
  • Very competitive commissions
  • PPO Network

Don’t forget to fill in your client’s gaps with the Hospital Indemnity Flex Plan also launching on February 5th in Mississippi, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, Montana, Missouri, and Louisiana. That brings this product reach up to 24 states! This can truly help your clients eliminate the waiting periods on their Medicare Advantage plans! When you add in this hospital indemnity plan for that 3-5 day waiting periods for hospital stays, you can make a second sale and give your clients first dollar coverage!

Another great idea for helping your clients fill in the gaps is to offer them a Cancer, Heart, and Stroke plan from Aetna! If your client would be diagnosed with cancer, have a heart attack, or stroke this plan can help pay for those out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drug coverage and any other costs associated with treatment.

Did you know: Agents can earn as much selling a Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke plan as they can sell Medicare Supplements? It’s true! Just do the math.

For more information regarding contracting with Aetna and product availability, give us a call now at 800-962-4693!

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