How to Efficiently Connect with Your Audience to Increase Sales

Written by Jessica Adkins

January 25, 2018

Q. How can I connect with my target audience more efficiently to increase my sales?

A. There are many ways in which to engage your customers more efficiently and effectively to increase your sales.

In my opinion, the most imperative practice to insurance agents is finding common ground. Whether it be that your clients or prospects are looking for insurance, and you happen to sell insurance or having a simple conversation about mutual interests, hobbies, or kids or grandchildren. Finding common ground is an essential relationship building tool and will always help your customers feel more comfortable with you as their advisor.

Engaging your target audience is also important for connection. While giving a presentation, sometimes we focus so much on the product and the sale, we forget the customer. Being a great listener and a “great asker of questions” will also help you establish a more in-depth connection. Listening to the concerns of your client when they tell you about their healthcare, what they think they need and being able to empathize with their need is crucial. This is really a verbal “fact finder” or “needs analysis,” but also demonstrates your ability to be more than just a sales agent.  When you are showing empathy and concern for your clients by asking them the right questions about their individual situation, you can set the buying temperature of your prospect. If they feel like you’re engaged with them and truly understand their concerns, their buying temperature just went up.

Another important piece of the puzzle is realizing that you are the expert in your market. You know what products are viable or maybe not so viable for a customer’s needs. You must put yourself in a position through knowing your products and markets to offer them the valuable insights into the differences in the products offered that they need in order to make their decision. Be the expert at what you do. If you feel like you may need some guidance on presentations or more in-depth training on your market or product specifics, give us a call! We are happy to help you grow your opportunities.

Now that you’ve established common ground with your client, they comfortable with you, you’ve genuinely listened to their concerns and understand why their concerns are valid, take it to the next level by giving them expert insight into the different products at your disposal. Their buying temperature should be pretty high. Based on my experience as an insurance professional, the next step in this successful sales equation is to make a strong recommendation to the prospect. Don’t forget to ask for the sale at the end of your proposal or recommendation. By employing some of these techniques, I’m confident that you’ll see your sales numbers and close ratio skyrocket. If you have any additional questions regarding these opportunities or would like to have a one-on-one conversation call us toll-free at 1-800-962-4693.


-Answered by Matt Goheen, Regional Vice President

Matt Goheen is Regional Vice President of Region 6, covering the Utah, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and New England markets. Matt is also a licensed Life and health agent and has been working at Agent Pipeline for 7 years, specializing in Medicare Health Plans. If you are an agent and would like to speak with Matt to learn more about the opportunities available in your market, you can contact Matt at 800-962-4693 ext. 6462.

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