How do I target Dual Special Needs Plans eligible beneficiaries?

Written by Jessica Adkins

January 5, 2018

Q. How do I target Dual Special Needs Plans (D-SNP) eligible beneficiaries?

A. D-SNPs, or Dual Special Needs Plans, are designed for beneficiaries qualifying for both Medicare and Medicaid state benefits. D-SNPs can be an HMO or PPO plan, although HMO is the most common. These plans also have requirements above and beyond the regulations for standard Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans.

D-SNPs, or Dual Special Needs Plans can be sold year-round. D-SNP eligible beneficiaries are the ultimate “word-of-mouth” population.

Courtesy of KFF.org – Kaiser Family Foundation, 2016


Here are some great tips on targeting the D-SNP eligible beneficiaries in your market!

Who Are Dual Special Needs Plans Eligible Beneficiaries?

  • More women are eligible for D-SNP plans than men
  • 48% of Dual Special Needs Plan eligible beneficiaries are under the age of 65
  • Many D-SNP plan eligible beneficiaries have mental illnesses
  • There are 10 million individuals qualifying for a Dual Special Needs Plan

Where can you find Dual Special Needs Plans Eligible Beneficiaries?

  • Assisted Living Facilities/Adult Day Care Facilities
  • Place(s) of Worship/Churches
  • Clinics/PCP Offices/Health Fairs
  • Community Organizations/Senior Centers
  • Fraternal Groups/Veteran’s Organizations
  • Flea Markets/Thrift Stores
  • Public Housing/Mobile Home Communities

What are typical marketing strategies to attract Dual Special Needs Plans Eligible Beneficiaries?

  • Referrals, referrals, referrals – these beneficiaries are known as the ultimate “word-of-mouth” group
  • Hosting events at local community centers
    • Coupon Clipping Parties
    • Magazine Parties
    • Ice Cream Socials
    • Bingo
    • “Senior Proms”


When you partner with Agent Pipeline, we can provide even more in-depth guidance on reaching the D-SNP plan eligible target audience. Give us a call to learn more about this year-round selling opportunity to help individuals in your community that may qualify for Medicaid and Medicare. You can click here to learn more about D-SNP plans available in your market or call us at 800-962-4693. Want to chat now? Click the box below and ask your question regarding opportunities with D-SNP eligible now!


– Karen Hendrix, Regional Vice President

Karen has been at Agent Pipeline for over 16 years and focuses on Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Part D plans in multiple markets. If you work in the Virginia, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Nevada, please give Karen a call at 800-962-4693 – ext. 6466, or email her at karen@agentpipeline.com.


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