Why do I need to carry Errors and Omissions coverage?

Written by Jessica Adkins

August 25, 2017

Q. Why do I need to carry Errors and Omissions coverage?

A. While most independent agents will never have a claim on their E&O insurance policy, you don’t purchase insurance because you anticipate a claim. The potential loss if a client were to ever file a suit compared to the actual cost of an E&O policy should make the decision very simple. In today’s overly litigious business climate, it would be negligent at best to advise clients on Medicare and Health insurance coverage without some type of professional liability coverage in place. We all work too hard and invest too much into our business to lose it all over a $40 per month premium for E&O coverage.

-Answered by Lester Conn, Regional Sales Director

Lester Conn is Regional Vice President of the California, Wisconsin, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio Markets. Lester is also a licensed life and health insurance agent and owned his own agency for 12 years prior to joining the Agent Pipeline family. He has been working in the Medicare market at Agent Pipeline for over 6 years. To contact Lester for opportunities in your market, you can contact him at 800-962-4693 ext. 6463.

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