Should I market to prospects “turning 65” or focus on a different age group?

Written by Jessica Adkins

August 28, 2017

Q. When determining my marketing plan, should I mail to prospects “turning 65” or focus on a different age group?

A. Any activity is good but there are several things to consider when deciding who your audience is going to be. The “age-in” segment is one of the most lucrative groups of prospects because there are so many seniors currently aging into Medica via the Baby Boomer generation. Another advantage is that many of eligible enrollees will be in their Open Enrollment period, meaning they will not have to answer health questions if they enroll during their initial 6-month window.

The latter is also a downside to mailing this age group, everyone, including carriers, is targeting this segment. Many agents find success in focusing on prospects who are 66 years or older because they’re already educated on Medicare and willing to consider other options. This is also an age group who isn’t targeted nearly as frequently as those who are “T-65.”

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-Answered by: J.R. Rucker, Regional Vice President

J.R. Rucker is Regional Vice President of the Washington, Oregon, Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida markets. He has been specializing in Medicare Health Plans for over 14 years. For more information regarding the opportunities available for your market, please contact J.R. at 800-962-4693 ext. 6461.


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