Insurance Agents on a Budget Can Market On Facebook

Written by Jessica Adkins

July 3, 2017

Q. How can I market on Facebook? I’m on a tight budget.

A. Marketing does not have to be expensive. In fact, most social media marketing strategies require minimal expense deductions from your budget. Here are 50 ways to effectively market at literally no cost.

Use Canva to create a new cover photo
No need to hire a professional designer to create an eye-catching cover photo. There are many great free tools offering templates specifically for Facebook and other social media images. Canva helps you get the exact dimensions and ensure your cover photo will leave a lasting impression.

Import your email list into your Facebook followers
You can upload your email address into Facebook contacts and ask your clients to ‘Like’ your Facebook page!

Ask questions – Boost your engagement!
Keeping your customers active on your Facebook page is a great way to market. Facebook now shows the actions of users on a marquee. By keeping your customers liking and commenting on your page, you are allowing yourself to become visual to your client’s connections.

Get Insights from Facebook
One of the many resources Facebook provides is visual insight on your posts. This is a free tool that allows you to review what posts, topics or information is getting the most engagement from your customers. It is an excellent way to gear your communications in a direction that resonates with your clients.

Post image quotes
Today’s society loves memes! Creating images with inspirational quotes, funny quotes, or motivational quotes are a huge success. Thousands often share them. You can use many free tools online to generate your very own images quotes.

Use content
Content is key to any successful marketing. If you are looking to post about current events, the insurance industry or other topics, you can use many free content hosting websites such as Feedly to get ideas or even articles to help with your content posting efforts.

Offer exclusive deals or promotions
This is an excellent way to create an offer/promotion! Facebook even gives you the option to announce the post as advertising for free. You can select the beginning and end date/time.

Post linked updates
Posting links to your website or blog is a great dual-marketing tool. It increases traffic on your website too!

Integrate your website with Facebook
WordPress gives you an unlimited amount free plugins to include integrations on your website. Take advantage of these free plugins and create an integration with your Facebook page.

Share client testimonial videos
You don’t have to hire a camera crew! Use your cell phone and record a happy client saying just why they love the service you provide.

Post an insurance joke
It’s great to provide a lot of serious information but sometimes we all need a good laugh. There are several websites online that provide good-hearted insurance humor.

Post about severe weather alerts
Keeping yourself relevant and active is important. Provide severe weather alerts and updates, by doing this the analytics of Facebook will automatically recognize you are posting similar topics as the local news and weather stations. Sometimes when posting relevant content, Facebook does the work for you!

Local community event announcements
Posting about local community events increases your chances of getting more likes and shared posts.

Link Facebook to your LinkedIn
It is important for all of your social media, blogs, and websites to be linked together. The integration process is straightforward and easy: copy your Facebook URL and add it to your LinkedIn profile!

Caption contests
One of the most engaging post types is “caption contests”. Find pictures of animals, individuals, families—whatever and ask your audience to create a caption. The funniest or best caption gets a prize!

Congratulate High School Athletes
Staying involved in your community is necessary. Remember to all recognize excellence and congratulations your local high school athletes is one way to do that. Be sure to tag their parents and the school!

Use the Likealyzer
Likealyzer is another free tool used for Facebook marketing. Run a report and audit your Facebook! Likealyzer gives you feedback on engagements, likes and expands on the Facebook Insights.

Share news about local businesses
Sharing news about local businesses is another way to create more shares, likes, and relevancy with your customers. When a company finds out that you are sharing their posts, they are more likely to send you a referral, renewal or share on their page!

Use Facebook in the referral process
Facebook is a fantastic way to refer your business. Ask your customers to like your page and share it. It brings brand awareness and helps with getting noticed by your client’s connections.

Share Insurance commercials
More and more insurance carriers are creating funny commercials. Who can forget the commercial with the couple and the Dirty Dancing moment? Or the commercial with Dr. McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy? Sharing these commercials are not only fun but they are subconsciously building awareness on products you offer.

Share infographics
Infographics are an easy way of the exchange of information. The days of great informative pamphlets are over; providing an image with information is a great content marketing piece. There are many free infographic builders online to help with creating one relevant to your topic and customers.

Movie quote contests
Post a quote from a movie and ask your customers to post the name of the film. Give a small prize to the first individual to name the movie!

Set up a “James Bond” account
Every good business invests in market research. Setting up a “James Bond” account is a free way to review what your competition is doing.

Add your profile to your email signature
Always be sure to add your Facebook Profile URL to your email signature.

Provide education on insurance
Although we are fluent in insurance terminology, many of your customers probably aren’t. It’s a great way to help educate your clients by posting an “insurance term of the day.” This is just one way to post education on your Facebook.

Explain insurance laws
Sometimes the laws regarding insurance are elaborate and complex. For example, the Affordable Care Act. Your customers don’t have time to read thousands of pages. Help them understand by posting key points: how it works, how it affects your clients, what it means, etc.

Ring Your Phone Contest
Make a post telling your audience, “The first person to call this number gets ______.” It’s a fun contest to get customers to call in and gives you an opportunity to speak with them about other topics.

Give health tips
The healthy movement is here. We are all looking for ways to stay healthy. Posting tips about diet and exercise are great ways to become noticed. Many customers will even share helpful tips for their health conscious friends.

Include your contact information in you cover photo
Your cover photo is the first thing anyone sees when coming to your Facebook page. Be sure you have your telephone number and email address on your cover photo.

Comment on news, local business and community event posts
By commenting on news, local business and community event posts, you are becoming visual and active in the Facebook community. When you are on other sites, people have more of an opportunity to “stumble” on your page.

Use more pictures
People do not have much time to read long narratives these days. Try using images to get your point across.

Welcome new customers publicly (with their permission)
Ask your new customers if you can take a picture with them and post it on your Facebook page, also tagging them. It is a great way to get yourself out to their networks.

Guess how much he/she saved contest
An excellent way to promote a product is showcasing how your customers have saved with an individual product.

“Like” other business pages
By liking other business pages, you are becoming visual to a network of prospects you may not have been visual to before. It’s a great tool for branding and more individuals have an opportunity to see you and click on your page.

Post Q&A Content
Q&A is another great tool for educating your clients or giving them opportunities to participate. It helps to increase engagement.

Announce New Products
Instead of only calling individuals about new products, advertise (by posting) about a new product. List all of the benefits and who the ideal customer might be. Remember to post your contact information.

Share local event pictures
Sharing photos from local events help create your brand and shows that you are involved in the community. Participating in community activities is one of the most well-known marketing strategies in the insurance industry.

Share “On this Day” news
A fun way to increase engagement is to share a funny “On this Day” story or picture. Multiple free websites can help provide the information needed to help with this kind of post.

Add your Facebook page to your business card
Include your Facebook URL or username when you order your next round of business cards. Sometimes prospects will not call you, but chances are; they will visit your Facebook page.

Ask for customer reviews
Ask your clients for a review on your Facebook page. Give them a call to ask; it helps create an opportunity for you to have a conversation about renewals and new products after the fact.

Have a “Number of Likes” Milestone Contest
A popular contest that many businesses have is a “number of likes” milestone. When a certain number of likes have been reached, companies will host an event, send out a giveaway, or some other promotion.

Have an Agency Dog Day
A fun way to get customers into your business is to host an agency dog day. Invite clients with dogs to show up and get their picture taken. Post your picture of the clients and their dogs, be sure to tag them!

Invite all of your friends & family to ‘Like’ your page
Believe it or not, having your friends and relatives ‘Like’ your page helps build a positive reputation of your page. It also helps build your audience with their connections.

Be committed & consistent
Posting once a week or once a month will not bring leads. It is recommending you post multiple times a day, every day to help build your audience, relevance, and engagement. You must be committed to this marketing strategy to be effective.

Stay personable; not salesy
One thing more than anything else that will drive your audience away is to be too salesy. Stay fun, active and personable. Avoid too many promotional posts.

Recognize a Follower of the Week
Choose one of your Facebook followers and recognize them. Send a message or give them a call to let them know they are begin recognized. This gives you another opportunity to have a conversation about products, opportunities or scheduling an appointment.

When customers interact with you, interact back!
Answer questions on comments or request customers to call for a more in-depth conversation regarding the topic. Prompt answers provide customer satisfaction and show users that you are engaged and responsive.

Create a Customer Poll
Create a customer poll to get people involved in your page. Be sure to ask your clients to share this poll on their page.

Create a Facebook Group
Create a group on Facebook that focuses on something relevant to your business. For example, “Healthy Living with (Your Name).” Use this group to post information about weight loss, exercise, and tips. Post registration information about local 5ks, charity walks, fitness classes, etc. It is an excellent way to get involved with businesses and stay relevant with your customers. Invite all of your followers and ask they invite their friends.

Remember Compliance
The most important piece of marketing on social media is compliance. Facebook has their own set rules for marketing as do carriers and CMS. Non-compliant marketing on Facebook could cost you. Reviewing the rules and regulations specified is important.


For more suggestions and tips of marketing and more, contact your Regional Sales Director.

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