How Do I Increase Client Retention?

Written by Jessica Adkins

July 25, 2017

Q. How do I increase client retention? – R.C., Medicare Agent in Missouri

A. Client retention is essential to increase revenue each year in the Medicare market, whether your primary focus is Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage. While the number of Medicare eligible continue to increase significantly due to the Baby Boomer population, the competition continues to increase as well. The key to client retention is consistent communication with customers to ensure they come to you with any questions or concerns. Annual reviews of their current plan to ensure the plan they are in is meeting their needs is vital to keep these clients. There are also many overlooked touch points throughout the year that is great for retention and referrals/ Overlooked Touch Points to Increase Client Retention

  • Birthday & Anniversary Cards
  • Newsletters
  • Souvenirs (pens, magnets, etc.)
  • Client surveys
  • Social media
  • Invitations to local events

Any of the listed activities will all increase your clients “front of mind” awareness of the service that you provided and the value that they could potentially share with their circle of influence. “Great customer service will lead to your next client.”

Answered By: Lester Conn – Regional Vice President

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