Always Be Prospecting (ABP)

Written by Jessica Adkins

July 25, 2017

ABP: Always Be Prospecting

Many insurance agents say prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process. If you can relate, here is a simple guide to keeping your sales funnel full.

Whether it is the first day of the month or the last, you should always be prospecting. Spend time every day researching prospects on social media channels, look for buying triggers in the news, and keep in contact with lost leads or new opportunities from referrals.

Consistency is critical in the ABP method. Block time on your calendar, set the alarm on your phone, write “prospecting” on your daily to-do list—whatever it takes to stick with this method, but remember to always be prospecting.

Ask for Referrals
Your current customer is the best source for your next customer. Your current customers already believe in your and your value proposition; if they did not, they would not be your client. Don’t be shy to ask for a referral. Make your request as specific as possible, so a name leaps into your prospect’s mind. Forget the paper that you slide across the table asking for the name and number of family or friends they think can “benefit from your services.” Ask direction questions, “Do you know anyone that maybe saving for their children’s college?” or “Do you know anyone who is currently preparing for their retirement?”

Know Your Triggers
Staying up to date with industry news and knowledge is essential. These triggers associated with your products, market and prospect person can often lead to sales.

Know Your Customers
If you close three times more sales with clients that are turning 65 than with underage customers with children, you should prioritize your T-65 list. Now that you have insight on this data start reaching out to your underage customers and ask for referrals for people they know fitting into the T-65 category. Knowing this information will also help you update your CRM and prioritize customer contact accordingly. Every action you take should be strategic!

Marketing automation is the friend of someone who is using the ABP method! When the process of prospecting is simpler and easier, you will dread it far less and be much more efficient in your efforts. Where to start? There are plenty of free applications and software available to help you automate your social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and consistently presenting your brand and value proposition. Remember to always include a call-to-action in your messages, whether it be a phone number, a landing page with a lead generation form, or a “respond to this email” request. Always give your prospect an opportunity to conversate with you on their time and at their convenience.

Never Stop Learning
According to a HubSpot research report, nearly six in 10 sales people will not change once they have figured out what works for them. There is a huge problem with this. Why? Prospects change, buying processes change, industries and products change, and competitors change. A winning strategy right now is a failing strategy in one year, or maybe even sooner! To stay available and relevant, you cannot get complacent. You must try different techniques, research, read books, and develop new skills. It does not matter how experienced you are—there’s always more to learn.

Staying in the know and on top of your competition keeps you confident and ready to handle more prospects in your sales funnel. For more assistance, tips and tricks on prospecting, contact one of our Regional Sales Directors at 800-962-4693.

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