Using Superlatives in Medicare Marketing

Written by Jessica Adkins

June 27, 2017

Q. Can I use superlatives when marketing Medicare?

A. The Medicare Marketing Guidelines (MMG) has strict rules for what you can and cannot say about Medicare products and services. An example can be found in the MMG General Marketing Requirements (Section 40.4) in regards to using superlatives.

First of all, another common question is, “What exactly is a superlative?”

A superlative is an adjective and/or adverb used to express the highest or a very high degree of quality. (e.g, “the best” or “highest-ranked” or “top”) A type of superlative, called a qualified superlative, also falls under the Medicare Marketing Guidelines rules for use. Examples of these statements similar to “one of the best” or “among the highest rated.”

What is MMG’s Rule on Using Superlatives?

Although the MMG prohibits the use of superlatives (and qualified superlatives), there are exceptions. If the superlatives are proven with supporting evidence or data, there is a way for an agent or agency to use a superlative. Superlatives used in logos and taglines are also allowed.

When using a superlative, it is important not to take the supporting documentation out of context. If it is taken out of context, it may mislead your prospects or clients. If you use a superlative out of context, it will be classified as “prohibited language.”

What do I do if I want to use superlatives when marketing Medicare?

You must take a few steps before publishing any marketing materials containing superlatives.

  1. You must find supporting evidence, data, or documentation of your statement using the superlative.
  2. After you’ve collected your sources, send your content to Agent Pipeline’s Compliance Board. We will assist with submitting your materials to the carriers for approval, and once approved by the carrier; they will send your materials for review to CMS.
  3. You will be given a code to place in the bottom left-hand corner of your marketing material, and upon making this change (and any other changes requested at the carrier or CMS level), your piece will be approved for use.

If you need further assistance with marketing materials and a better understanding of Medicare Marketing Compliance, we can help! Click here to locate the Regional Sales Director in your area, or sign up to learn how to triple your income with compliant cross-selling and marketing techniques.





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