The Golden Rule of Email Marketing: Quality or Quantity?

Written by Jessica Adkins

June 21, 2017

Q. How do you get email addresses for your email marketing campaigns?

A. It’s simple! Just ask! Ask in a way your prospects can’t say no! Create a sign-up sheet for your e-newsletter, create content in which clients can download by providing their contact information, make a special offer through social media and request their email address, create webinars and video tutorials where users must provide their email address in order to view and exit pop-ups that prompt visitors to provide their email address before clicking ‘exit.’

These are all great tools to “just ask” for your clients’ email addresses. You can also “ask” with traditional marketing practices such as prize raffles, sign ups for free consultations and fish bowl raffles. It’s okay to be creative—but in the end, just ask! Remember, additional rules and specific disclaimers apply when you are marketing Medicare Advantage (MA) or Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs)–please refer to the Medicare Marketing Guidelines or email our Compliance Board for further details.

It’s important, now that you have obtained email addresses, that you are not spamming your clients. Studies suggest that emailing your clients with newsletters containing informative articles, funny images, polls, and cartoons keep your reader feeling that you are providing value.

One agent also suggests having “Birthday Wishes” added into the article of your most valuable customers. “Not only does this provide a feeling of value to your current client, if prospects see a familiar name, it can already establish a level of trust and help create engagement.”

Email addresses can also be purchased from lead vendors, however, when purchasing emails you lose the personal element when you begin emailing individuals who do not know you, your brand, your products. This could also create a reputation of spam within your e-marketing platform.

For more information on email marketing for Medicare Advantage and/or Part D Prescription Drug plans, reach out to complianceboard@agentpipeline.com. The information shown above is primarily directed towards non-MA and non-PDP marketing efforts. Additional questions? Please call us at 800-962-4693.

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