Pre-Approved Medicare Marketing Mailer or Other Materials

Written by Jessica Adkins

June 29, 2017

Q. Where can I find pre-approved Medicare marketing mailers or other materials?

A. Agents can find many pre-approved marketing materials, in fact, Agent Pipeline has had many approved through carriers and CMS for use. However, you have many other options and a variety of materials that can be used to market for the AEP.

Materials used to market Medicare Advantage, and Part D plans (including but not limited to, letters, postcards, brochures, scripts, radio and television ads, billboards, banners, signs, yellow page ads, church bulletin ads, and websites) must follow the CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines.

Branded vs. Generic Marketing Materials

What is considered branded marketing material for Medicare? Branded material, by MMG definition, is any marketing material that contains a carrier and/or product information (e.g., plan name, plan costs/benefit information). CMS must approve these pieces.

What is considered generic marketing material for Medicare? Generic material, by MMG definition, is any marketing material that is free of the plan or product information, brands or carrier logos. These types of pieces do not need to be approved but must comply with CMS guidelines. Additionally, it is a good idea to submit your copy to Agent Pipeline’s Compliance Board for approval to use and to confirm it is compliant in nature.

There are required disclaimers that must be utilized on pieces as well, for example:

  • “Not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. government or the federal Medicare program.” – this should be added to all generic marketing materials
  • “This is an advertisement.” – this is required for all mailers; must be located on the front of the envelope/the postcard
  • If you list a phone number on an advertisement, it must be apparent to the consumer they will be calling an insurance agent/agency. If not, you must use disclaimers like, “Call xxx-xxx-xxxx to speak with a licensed insurance agent today.”
  • If you are marketing with a business-reply-card, there must verbiage indicating who will contact the prospect and by what method. An example of a statement commonly used is, “By providing the information above, I give permission for a licensed sales agent to contact me by phone or email to discuss Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug Plans.”

Agent Pipeline has several pre-approved Medicare marketing mailers, flyers, postcards, business-reply-cards and other materials available for our agents to use. You can also customize many carrier pieces by visiting their Agent Portal.

If you need more information on customizing your materials, submitting them for approval, or how to request some of Agent Pipeline’s pieces, please contact your Regional Sales Director at 800-962

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