5 Top Qualities of Influential People

Written by Jessica Adkins

April 10, 2017

5 Top Qualities of Influential People

Insurance agents’ highest priority should be to connect to the human side of clients. After all, your success is based on your ability to build and maintain relationships. Being an insurance agent requires an ability to connect and influence.

Science has confirmed many of these top qualities as your gateway to experiencing more positive, meaningful connections, and significant relationships. Check out these five top qualities of influential people and start incorporating these into your daily routine now!

  1. Empathy

Empathy is taught in any sales 101 class. Practicing empathy and putting yourself in your client’s shoes. It is an attractive quality to building any successful relationship, both personal and professional. In fact, DDI research has proven empathy is the #1 driver of overall organizational performance. Empathy and compassion begin when you are thinking about another’s circumstances, understanding their pains and frustrations, and knowing their feelings are every bit as real as your own. This can help you develop a unique perspective, and open you up to truly helping your clients, which also can enhance another key component in relationships: gratitude.

  1. Favors

Give the gift of favors: a selfless act you do for someone without asking for anything in return from the person whom you help. This can include sharing knowledge; making an introduction; serving as a personal reference. It does not have to be a financial or material favor. As Adam Grant, author of Giving and Take, points out, by paying it forward, you are more successful without expecting a quid pro quo. You are supporting the emotional spread of favors and selfless acts, and it becomes quite contagious.

  1. Choose

Every day we are presented with choices and believe it or not, being happy is a choice! You can focus on the 3-minute customer call that left you feeling offended, or you can start your day over and make a conscious effort to choose happiness! According to brain research conducted by Dr. Wataru Sato of Kyoto University, when you decide positive behaviors (like meditation, forgiveness, or happiness), you hold the key to rewiring a region of your brain. By changing your daily habits, you will be able to control your sense of well-being and purpose.

  1. Listen & Learn

Imagine living life and going about your business thinking a particular idea or strategy is “the right way” or “the only way” and moving forward, you find you were terribly wrong. Instead of plowing ahead, convinced you to have all of the answers, solicit the advice and wisdom of others. This is what initiates the best conversations: learning what people do, how they do it, and why they do it. People love to talk about themselves, and smart people let them! Be the person who shows the humble gesture of “I want to learn from you,” remaining open-minded, and you will not be disappointed. By practicing humility, it is a sure way to gain trust and build bridges to new and exciting relationships. Humility is a great leadership strength that ultimately influences people.

  1. Spotlight Others

This goes hand in hand with listening and learning. Something magical happens when you let people talk about what is relevant to them, things going on in their life and about themselves. They respect you when the tables turn, and they will be more curious to know about you as well. When we shine the spotlight on someone else and let that person be seen, heard, considered and understood, it gives us a peaceful and quiet confidence that the spotlight will soon be ours.


There are other qualities of influencers, such as self-awareness and the ability to practice active listening. However, if you notice amongst the top qualities of influential leaders, most of these people strategies are about your clients and your ability to give.

Givers construct valuable networks out of all the grateful customers who consider them to be selfless and agenda-less. Givers share credit without demanding any return, and their generosity earns them profound and lasting respect.


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