2 Opportunities You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Written by Jessica Adkins

April 3, 2017

2 Opportunities You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Are you taking advantage of cross-selling opportunities?  If you look at the statistics, more individuals are moving toward higher deductibles, and those out-of-pocket costs are translating for increasing debt for your clients. For your customers, one huge problem is that many have no idea what a deductible is, let alone what having a high deductible could mean for their health care spending. With the ACA, higher deductibles and more out-of-pocket expenses, it is more important than ever to educate your clients.

Opportunity #1: Education and Win Them Over

Understanding health insurance is extremely hard for most people. Deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, copays, it all seems to run together, and most consumers look at their health insurance plan purchase for premium. Without understanding the impact of high deductible vs. lower premium costs, many individuals find themselves with significant coverage gaps.

When you educate your clients on supplemental health products and choosing the right individual health plan, this gives you a tremendous opportunity to win your customer by helping them!

Opportunity #2: Remind them about Retirement Savings

Helping your clients understand what they are spending in high deductibles, could be what they should be saving for retirement. Identifying this problem is an excellent opportunity to help consumers understand both their health cost protection gaps and their retirement savings gap. Explain to your customers what medical emergencies could require financially and take out of their savings. Reiterating the need for supplemental healthcare options (i.e., accidental, critical illness, etc.) Demonstrate the costs associated with cancer and provide a solution for their healthcare needs, retirement savings with a cancer cash plan.

By using this cross-selling technique, you are offering your clients an opportunity to fill in the gaps of both their medical and their retirement coverage. Educating your customers has been one of the most successful marketing strategies and relationship building tools the industry has seen.

When planning a presentation for your clients, remember to include a plan based on these opportunities; not just product display. One of the keys focal points for successful insurance agents is the focus on educating clients about solutions, rather than presenting the product.

Industry news says most consumers are going online for researching products, ultimate solutions, etc. Prevent this behavior by being the center of influence and the immediate contact of insurance knowledge.

For more information on becoming a local center of power and marketing your insurance experience; contact a Regional Sales Director at 800-962-4693 and partner with Agent Pipeline today!

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