Why Your Emails Aren’t Getting Opened

Written by Jessica Adkins

March 29, 2017

Get More Emails Opened Now

In the world of e-mail marketing, open rates are the most important metric. Why? If your customers are not opening your emails, they are not reading your message. Improving your e-mail open rates can be a challenge, but it is not impossible.

Here are a few tips for overcoming this hurdle:

  1. Write to one person at a time.

You customers are more likely to open an email if it appears to be written directly to them. Personalize your copy and write as if you were writing to only a single recipient. This tactic will engage your customers and keep them opening your emails in the future. Studies have shown that the clients who are nurtured with personalized content (including e-mail content) produce a 20% increase in sales.

  1. Keep your subject line under 30 characters.

Because nearly two-thirds of emails are opened on mobile devices, keeping your subject lines under 30 characters should be a requirement. If your subject lines are too long, they will appear truncated since the average mobile screen can only fit four to seven words max.

  1. Adjust your sending frequency.

If you are overwhelming your customers with e-mails on a regular basis, they will most likely delete your message before opening. Test your list to determine how your customers interact with your e-mails. Once you have collected data, you will be able to determine the frequency of your e-mails based on customer interaction (i.e., best time of day to send, best day of week to send, best segment, etc.)

  1. Stand out with numbers.

Believe it or not, using numbers in your subject line can create an urgency and draw attention! Numbers will highlight your offer and compel your customers to open your e-mail in a cluttered folder. Studies show subject lines with hard numbers have an open and reply rate of 53.2%.

  1. Personalize your subject line.

Multichannel retailers saw a 37% increase in unique open rates for emails with personalized subject lines. Adding personalization is another good way to make your e-mail stand out! If you do not want to use a customer’s first name, you can use simple words like ‘you’ and ‘your.’ This is sure to make your client feel special!


Remember, if an e-mail is sent but not opened, it is not making a sale. We can help you grow your open rates and increase your sales. For more tips and tricks on e-mail marketing, contact your Regional Sales Director to learn more about our no-cost marketing consultations.

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