Tips for Writing Your Individualized Growth Plan

Written by Jessica Adkins

March 8, 2017

Agent Pipeline offers assistance to agents interested in developing an individualized growth plan. It’s important to take time in the busy day today, to create a performance assessment program, as this is an essential tool needed for your career.

Your Regional Sales Associate can provide guidance, exclusive resources and recommend achievable goal setting practices. If you can’t decide on the most pressing areas you wish to focus on growing, we can help! If you’re ready to get started with your individualized growth plan, here are 5 simple tips for getting started:

  1. Aim high and you won’t fall short
    It’s important to set high goals, but yet, they must be realistic and achievable. Otherwise, they are simply counterproductive. The push to achieve excellence is highly motivating and helps to boost esteem and confidence. Check out this week’s #MarketingMonday for more information on setting goals.
  2. Always ask for help
    If this is your first time creating a development/grown plan or even just your first time taking it seriously, ask Agent Pipeline staff for help. We are experts in ensuring our agents have success with achieving goals.
  3. Make time & take time
    Set aside time to write your plan to avoid interruptions. This is an investment in your career, and you should take at least 30-60 minutes to write out your vision for the next year. Write a draft, sleep on it and work on until you feel it is satisfactory. Agent Pipeline staff can also provide insight of specifics for marketing, data analytics relative to your local market and much more. Being as in-depth as possible is important to your goals vs. achievements.
  4. Keep your promises
    A great way to keep your promises to yourself is to use the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting method explained in our last #MarketingMonday. A great way to remember your deadlines for achievements is to set a calendar reminder. If you realize a short-term goal you set is no longer relevant, replace it with something that is!
  5. Use this tool the right way
    An individualized growth plan is a comprehensive tool used to pick goals that are personally meaningful, but also make sense in the context of how and where you want your career to go. These goals should serve as a guide to assist in the development of your next steps, while climbing the ladder to success.

For more information on Individualized Growth Plans and how we can help, give us a call at 800-962-4693 today!

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