After Open Enrollment: Health Care Law Picture Begins to Emerge

Written by Karan Ireland

April 7, 2014

acaNow that the rush to the March 31 Open Enrollment deadline has passed, we should begin to see how the health care law is working and how it’s not. All the talk and speculation of the past four years will be replaced by actual information based on enrollments, but expect for debate to continue as we start to see if the law is effective in meeting its goals.

Kaiser Health, in conjunction with USA Today, has an excellent article on seven topics to keep in mind as the law is enacted. They are:

  • Number of people enrolled
  • Population enrolled
  • Effect on number of uninsured
  • Changes for next enrollment period
  • Effect on Medicaid numbers
  • Effect on employer-sponsored plans
  • Effect on congressional elections

We will be watching closely and will continue to keep you informed of changes brought about by implementation of the law. In the mean time, click here to read the full article.

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