CMS Extends the Special Election Period Through February 28

Written by ryankimble

February 1, 2011

CMS has extended the Special Election Period for members who lost their coverage December 31, 2010 due to plan exits. For any person that has not yet selected a Medicare Advantage plan (MAPD) or Medicare Part D plan (PDP) will now have until February 28th to enroll into a plan. Currently, these Medicare beneficiaries are on Original Medicare only. CMS will be sending out letters to anyone who falls into this category starting this week.

Keep in mind, this SEP extension is only for people who:

  • Were enrolled in a non-renewing plan that ended December 31, 2010
  • Are not currently enrolled in an MAPD or PDP plan (are on Original Medicare as of January 1, 2011) and have NOT yet used their SEP

In addition, anyone who has already enrolled in an MAPD or PDP will not be allowed to change plans. Also, anyone who has an SEP but does not select a plan prior to February 28 will stay on Original Medicare for the remainder of the year.

Click Here to see the form letter that CMS will be sending out to anyone who has not yet used their SEP. Almost 52,000 of these letters will be sent out so there is still a lot of opportunity to help beneficiaries choose MAPD or PDP plans.

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