UnitedHealthcare Expands Pharmacy Saver, Offering Members Prescriptions for $2

Written by ryankimble

December 17, 2010

UnitedHealthCare (UHC) recently announced the expansion of their Pharmacy Saver program into many more national chain pharmacies.  This expansion will allow members to pay only $2 for their prescriptions in thousands of new pharmacies.  These additions double the numbers of pharmacy locations members can save on prescriptions.

Here is a quote from UHC’s press release:

Target Corporation, H-E-B, Hy-Vee, Inc., Publix Super Markets, Inc., Food Lion, Bloom, Harveys and Sweetbay Supermarket are joining Pharmacy Saver, allowing customers enrolled in UnitedHealthcare’s market-leading Medicare plans to take advantage of the program at their locations. When combined with The Kroger Co., Safeway Inc. and Prescription Solutions, which previously confirmed their participation in Pharmacy Saver, these additions mean that members can access hundreds of generic medications at a reduced out-of-pocket cost, sometimes as low as $2 for a 30-day supply, anywhere in the country by mail as well as at more than 6,000 pharmacy locations in 49 states and Washington, D.C.

How the Pharmacy Saver Program Works

UnitedHealthcare collaborated with the pharmacies participating in Pharmacy Saver to create this unique program, which applies to the company’s Medicare Part D members in 2011, including those who receive their prescription drug benefits in conjunction with a Medicare Advantage plan from UnitedHealthcare, such as AARP® MedicareComplete.

Pharmacy Saver reduces members’ out-of-pocket costs on select prescriptions purchased at pharmacies participating in the program to prices even lower than their co-payments; sometimes as low as $2 for a 30- or even 90-day supply. Through Pharmacy Saver, members enrolled in the company’s Medicare plans can save money on hundreds of prescription drugs, including eight of the top 10 generic drugs most commonly used by UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare plan members.

Members can take advantage of the cost savings available through Pharmacy Saver at many of America’s popular pharmacies. The program offers members the flexibility and convenience of saving money on their prescriptions regardless of how they prefer to purchase them – through the mail or at one of more than 6,000 pharmacy locations nationwide.

All in all, this is great news for agents selling UHC’s Medicare Part D plans or Medicare Advantage plans.  Below are links to additional information on the program:

UHC Press Release

United Pharmacy Saver Website

UHC Pharmacy Saver Flyer

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