Humana’s Top Ten Agent Tips for the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)

Written by ryankimble

December 17, 2010

Since a large number of our readers are licensed Humana agents, I thought these tips would be very helpful as you finish out the Annual Enrollment Period.  Below is a list of agent tips Humana recently published.  I hope these help.

December 17, 2010

The following tips will help you though the AEP:

1. Use your correct SAN number on the enrollment application. Using the wrong SAN number or writing illegibly may give another agent credit for your application. Write clearly, use black ink, and check the SAN number before submitting the enrollment.

2. Abbreviated Enrollment Form (AEF) – Do not use an AEF when enrolling a member from a non-renewing Humana plan. A full enrollment application should be used in this situation. When in doubt, use the full Enrollment Application.

3. Scope of Appointment (SOA) – the “Scope of and Appointment” (SOA) must be agreed to and documented either by IVR or paper form prior to the appointment taking place unless it is not feasibly possible. IVR (866-945-4471) Using SOA paper forms
• The form must be a CMS approved form
• Print clearly and complete both pages of the form accurately
• Use an original form – do not make copies of copies
• Do not modify the Humana form in any way – do not “shrink” or “enlarge”
• Make sure the beneficiary initials the boxes. Checkmarks, Xs, etc are not acceptable and the form will be rejected

4. PDP Combinations – Only a PFFS that does not offer Rx can be combined with a stand alone PDP. CMS does not permit the combination of a PPO-no Rx plan with a stand alone PDP plan like our new Humana-Walmart plan.

5. Sales Brochure Insert -Include the new “insert” outlining hours of operation for Humana MA and PDP phone numbers with each Sales Brochure

6. Verification – all new MA enrollments will receive a verification call from Humana. Cover the verification process with the beneficiary when they enroll so they won’t be caught off guard.

7. Licensing – all agents must be licensed and have a Humana appointment in the resident state of the applicant at the point of sales. Humana must have a copy of your valid license on file.

8. Sales Materials – Agents can order all Medicare sales materials through the Agent Support Unit (ASU) 800-309-3163

9. Agent Flyers – Agent can view Humana branded flyers and postcards that are available for them to have produced on the Agent Portal. PDFs can be prepared by calling Delegated Operations at 800-788-9020

10. Delegated Reporting Tool – Want to view submitted applications, active enrollment or commissions. Use the Delegated Reporting tool on the Agent Portal.

These tips are for agent use only and are not intended for the general public.

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