Exceptional Service is our Mission

Our vision is to deliver quality products supported by exceptional service to an exclusive agent base. We operate under the philosophy that agents are more effective when armed with excellent support teams.

Today, our unique way of conducting business has resulted in profitable relationships with you, the agent. We actively support our agents with service that is second to none and the working relationships they build with our marketing staff are just what they have been waiting for.

Our Focus is on Your Success

We have continued to strengthen our proposition to the broker community by gaining additional support from top quality insurance companies while still delivering excellent customer service through experienced and motivated professionals. At the end of the day, we go out of our way to find good, tailored solutions for our agents and their clients.

Here is What Our Agents Say: 



I am so glad I am registered with Integrated…your support is wonderful.

Lee Rabner
Fresno, California


Just want to let you know that working with you and Integrated Benefits has been wonderful this year. Night and day compared to the FMO I worked with last year. I increased my enrollments by 40% this year over last and expect better next year!

Mike Goodin
Sebastopol, California

Larry & Ryan,

I want to thank you, with a special thanks to Karen and Tracy, for the excellent support you have provided to us these last 2 years.

As you know Advantage Plan sales can be frustrating at times. However, when we needed questions answered or help with anything we were able to rely on Karen and Tracy.

Again thanks for all of your guidance and support. It’s been a pleasure working with Integrated!

J. Shuput and S. Miller

Omaha, Nebraska

Dear Bobby,

I wanted to thank you for all your help this Medicare Enrollment season. Since Integrated Benefits was able to place many of our Medicare Clients with Medicare Advantage Plans your company offered, our sales increased tremendously.

In addition to our growth and since Integrated helped in expediting many enrollment issues we have satisfied members who are very happy with the plans.

Thanks again to you and your entire staff.


S. Rose

Prescott, Arizona

I wanted to say thank you to Integrated Benefits, Brian Keene and Alesia for the outstanding service and efficiency that was needed during the OEP & the AEP periods of 2007 and 2008.

The licensing, training help, tracking of business and prompt commission help was always there, as well as marketing help and tools.

Brian always returned my calls promptly and every question or help needed, whether product knowledge or licensing help for my Agents was right on.

I am very pleased to know that my organization has such an outstanding organization to help us stay successful. We are looking forward to the next OEP & developing new business with your organization.

Thanks again for the smooth sailing.


R. Drury

Phoenix, Arizona

Kim and I have been doing business with Integrated Benefits for over 10 years. First it was with Medicare Supplements and more recently with Medicare Advantage Plans. As a Managing GA, we have worked with other Fame’s throughout the country and we can honestly say that the service we get from Integrated Benefits is hands down above all the rest. Brian Keene and his staff always go the extra mile to resolve any and all issues we have had with carriers concerning any Medicare Advantage problems.

It is great knowing that Integrated Benefits is behind us all the way as we start our 26th year in the Medicare Health Plan industry. Keep up the good work!!

K. and E. Pitts

Burlington, NC

Since becoming affiliated with Integrated Benefits my experience has been exceptional. Not only is your contact knowledgeable; but, when they are not available, there are others that can, and will assist you. This is very important to me when you are working with a new client or trying to resolve an open issue.

In addition, Integrated Benefits does a good very job communicating important information to the contracted agent. Knowledge is key to providing top notch service. With a technical background, I tend to ask a lot of questions and verify data, to date Integrated Benefits has demonstrated great patience – providing me the tools to sell insurance efficiently and with confidence.

G. Love

Amelia Island, FL

To whom it may concern,

This is the second year I’ve been offering Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans with Integrated Benefits. Laura Kimble and her staff have always been polite, friendly, professional, and accommodating to my needs.

It’s always been a pleasure when I call with a problem or a question. They are always responsive and if they don’t know the answer…. they always get back to me as soon as possible with the solution.

M. Nachman

Virginia Beach, Virginia


I’ve enjoyed the service I’ve received from Integrated Benefits, Inc. for over 5 years now. J. R. Rucker was my first contact and as my Regional Sales Manager has offered prompt support in all of my sales campaigns which helped me to qualify for multiple sales conventions with the companies he has recommended. As my contact point with Integrated Benefits, I have come to respect his professionalism and to value his friendship. The recent addition of an excellent sales support staff has allowed him to maintain the personal touch I have come to enjoy. This has encouraged me to recommend Integrated Benefits to other agents who were looking for competent and friendly back-office support staff to complement their business as well as to provide timely introductions to companies which help keep us competitive in the field. I sincerely recommend Integrated Benefits, Inc. to any agent who wants to have the best tools they need to succeed.

M. Richard

Fairview, NC

 Ryan has the best people working for him. All of his employees that I have talked to have always had my best interest at heart. I receive valuable information about Medicare from him. He keeps me informed and I appreciate that as an independent agent. I would recommend any agent to work with Ryan because I believe his company cares.

M. Morar

Greensboro, NC

Hi JR,

 I wanted to give you a big thank you for enabling me to make my career a big success!
In 2010 I joined up with [another agency] in selling Medicare health plans. I began selling Health Net and when they were sanctioned, certified with UnitedHealthcare through Integrated Benefits. I was really having a difficult time getting my business off the ground when I discovered the Independent Career Agent Channel with UnitedHealthcare. It was June of 2011 and I decided the ICA channel was an effective way to get my business going. They had a sophisticated lead system, lots of education, and lots of support. I asked you for a release so I could purse this venture and you did not hesitate to give me that release.Today I am discovering agents who have to hold off selling UnitedHealthcare for six months because their brokerages will not release them. If this had happened to me I would have missed open enrollment in 2011 and would not have been able to survive in this business. Because you had the foresight, the confidence and the good business sense to sign a release allowing me to expand my business, I am now super successful. With almost 500 clients in my book of business, I am going strong and am back with you. I owe you my gratitude and look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.
Best regards,